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Sunday, November 26, 2006

like shit Wah, thanks everyone. Those comments really helped. It's sucks, but sometimes things happen. All I need is time.

Well, I have been getting better since the accident happened. When I earn some money, either through saving up, or getting a job(which I'm not allowed to do yet), I will get my own guitar. Blah, life sucks.

X-Mas, is coming. So hectic. Really, I've had so much stress on me it's not funny. That's why last week, was to relax of course. This Friday is a PA-day for some schools, so I get to stay home again. Lucky ne?

I seriously like to go to a CON, right now. I just want to spend so much money. I really have to go and fine I.N.V.U, which is no-where to be seen! RAWR!. I want to get some stuff, to make me happy XP, especially Paradise Kiss XD.


"Life can sometimes give you a smooth path to walk on. When that happens, start digging holes."

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