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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

like shit ...My guitar broke T_T.

I'm horribly saddened as to what happened to my guitar. It hasn't even been a month yet, and it's broken. Yesterday, my dad and me went to see if we can fix it, and in the end, it's not going to. Oh, they can fix it, but my dad doesn't want it fixed. They asked me, if I wanted it back, I said no, to painful and dad just had to take it back. Now I really hate being in my room, it sucks so much just looking at it. I am not a stable person right now.

I love music, I love to play and sing. Finally when I get the chance to get an instrument, I wanted to play for so long, it goes wrong.

School, is no help either, especially with the type of thing going on lately. Really, I feel sort of lost, didn't know what I was doing until this week. Therefore, I didn't go to school on Monday, not going on Friday and skipping two periods on Thursday for various reasons. My parents are cool with it, 'cause they save money on me, if I don't go. School can just go away, literally.

Ahh...I'm rambling, sorry. I finished Angel Sanctuary!...err ya, nothing really to talk about.


"Life can sometimes give you a smooth path to walk on. When that happens, start digging holes."


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