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Friday, August 18, 2006

hohoho!It's going to be a great day, isn't it? XD

Ahh man, I totally forgot to mention, that on Wednesday I went out with my dad and met some newspaper journalist that are working on our newspaper such as the ĎStarí or ĎSuní. It was pretty awesome actually.

Now yesterday was a blast. I finally got to see the gang. Man, so much jokes were made as always, and me saying the most dumbest things there is to say =P. It was so much fun. I totally love it. I got home pretty late (Err, like around 10:30pm?) and got into trouble. My rents pulled this grounded crap on us, which has never been done before, and I blew them off. I really didnít need to hear all this shit, when I told them where I was going, what time Iíll be back and where they could reach me, all the night before. Damn, I hate that so much. That wasnít gong to ruin my day XP

Today, Iíll have to go to a banquet, which I havenít been to one in such a long time! I have to speak and all that jazz. The only thing, Iím regretting is that this is on a Friday night =[ I love my Friday nights to myself and my Saturdays to everyone ^^;;. Blah, lets hope I have a good time still!

Now on Saturday, Iím going to another party. Actually, I was invited to two. I donít know which one to pick-my future housemate, or one of my good friends. Blah, sucks Ďcause I know the housemate is going to kill me, but my good friend, is a good friend. =[ I donít know, what to choose!

Okay. Iím just going to read some more manga.


"Life can sometimes give you a smooth path to walk on. When that happens, start digging holes."


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