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Thursday, July 27, 2006

happyHello. I got a total of 16 comments, which is a really good number considering how long itís been since I hit that number =P

Yesterday, I actually didnít stay on for long, because my mom caught me staying up. For awhile now, Iíve been staying up until 1am each night, for no reason at all. Iíve been watching too much anime shows and well I just stayed up. So anyways, I stayed up, watching The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi , when my mom walks in. My first though was Ďoh shití, of course I got into trouble and now I have to be in bed by 11:30pm. I think that really sucks, but I guess itís my fault for staying up so late each night. So, I guess I wonít be doing those ďnightly visitsĒ anymore =[

Anyways, I went shopping yesterday, to get some new clothes and some supplies for campÖagain. Stores are already putting up their Ďback to schoolí sales when it isnít even August yet. Actually, a lot of people here are going back to school already, while I still have my vacation. Must be nice to get out early ^_~

I guess, Iím done now. I'll try to visit everyone today before I get my hair done XD.
THREE more days, and Iím leaving. I think Iím just going to turn off the site until I get back. One last thing, Vicky, made me a lovely CrŤche
Banner, at the bottom ^_________^

P.S Iíve been getting wonderful comments about my quote. Iím very happy that everyone likes it, because really, itís true XP.


"Life can sometimes give you a smooth path to walk on. When that happens, start digging holes."


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