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Sunday, July 23, 2006

blah Well, I donít know what to say really. I have a huge headache right now and canít sleep. Just my luck ne?

Anyways, Iíll be going out with the family, later on today. We need more clothes for camp. Plus, I need to buy a book, so when I get bored I can read something. Huzza for out trips that are embarrassing!

Iím sorry I didnít visit anyone. I was working my ass of the whole day to please the family. I couldnít do anything for myself at all. Yesterday, mainly sucked ass.

Blah, now Iím just rambling. Iím heading out. For sure i'll visit today.

Cagalli- Yeah, I have been saying it a lot lately. I donít know why really. I guess, I adapted it from somewhere lol.


I'm changing the site. Why? 'cause I think this is to blah. So, sorry for the changes in the middle. I'm done. =]

"Life can sometimes give you a smooth path to walk on. When that happens, start digging holes."


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