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Friday, July 21, 2006


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Hallo everyone. I visited everyone yesterday~ Mori-sempai is so cute holding hunny-sempaiís bunny xd( Iím talking about the icon. I heart Host club =])

Awesome news from CrŤche!! I signed up yesterday looking for a master with html skill, because really and truly I suck at it ^_~. Anyways, I was talking to Shanny-sama about it, and then I finally got set up with a very wonderful master who Iíve known for awhile. Shanny-sama herself. Iím still happy even though, I got the news a couple of hours ago. It will be a really honor to work under. Iím really happy~~

Itís getting late, I really should be sleeping. I canít seem to put an end to this wonderful show, Blood+ XD. Gosh, both parents are sleeping and Iím still watching it.

Party later on today~~!! Letís hope I donít get lost. Iím going with my brother and were walking quite far actually. Iíll leave an hour early so I have time to get lost xd. Blah, huzza for parties with AC. I think Iím beginning to love that stuff.

Blah, for bumps. Damn bumps are spreading everywhere are my arm Damn skin test, actually made my skin worse! Blah, I need baking soda.

Okay, Iím going. Iíll finish this show and hit the old hay. Iíll visit people whoíve updated before I leave. People after, err if I donít visit, them Iím sorry.

Blah, it was late and I forgot to say the wonderful Vicky will also be my part-time master XD

"Life can sometimes give you a smooth path to walk on. When that happens, start digging holes."


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