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Thursday, July 20, 2006


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err..i donít know..lazy?
Finally, Iím back to normal. Hey everyone! Sorry, I couldnít get to your sites on Tuesday, I was blind.

Yes, yes the hospital visit went good. It took hours off of my day, but it went good. I got my blood taken, which left my arm numb for a couple of hours, I got my head check, since Iím always complaining about headaches (they told me I have a really thick head >.<), got my lungs checked, skin check, and finally I got my eyes checked. Everything went great until, we got to the eyes part. Weíve spent three hours!! getting out eyes check, putting in some eye drops and sitting back down in the waiting room. Thatís what I hate about the eye check up. I got three bottles of eye drops, which made my eyes blurry for two days! I couldnít even see my own hand! Anyways, thatís the reason why I couldnít visit.

Wahh~~ 10 more days until camp! Iím so excited! Itís getting closer and closer. I canít wait to meet everyone; itís been too long xd.

The heat has gotten somewhat better over these past couple of days. We havenít used the air condition yet, which means, my parents think we can handle it. As long as my dad gets a lot of ice creams, then I should be fine. I still got my fan (thereís only one fan in my house and its in my room xd).

Bleachportal.com has released a fan dub of the first episode of bleach. Itís around 80 something MB. Not to huge, but a lot of people are getting it so itís going to take long to download. I heard it was okay, the put effort into the dubbed version. Iím going to wait until people clam down and stop dl it. Anyways that was just some info.

Iím done~~! Part tomorrow! XD Iím also visiting.


"Life can sometimes give you a smooth path to walk on. When that happens, start digging holes."


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