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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Hey everyone and thanks for the comments. I'm glad that everyone likes my new theme =]

So, only 25 more days until I go to camp. This time, I actually get to boss around the little kids ^^;;. I really can't wait. It's going to be so much fun.

I was suppose to go to Paramount Canada's Wonderland with my friends, then all of our rents found out that we walked back home, while it was raining, when we went to KBBQ. Totally sucks. So now, I'm stuck at home with nothing to do. I guess, it's back to reading book and watching manga.

Oh my. I have gained weight. It's summer and I have to start loosing what I got. Sadly enough, there not a gym in sight, so now I have to do all my work at home, where my brothers are watching me and making fun of me. Blah, this is what summer does to me.

Clamp, clamp, clamp. That's all I've been here these pass couple of days. Yeah, their so amazing with their art work and good story lines. Wahh, I love them XD.

One last thing, Happy 4th of July!

Okay, Iím done. Iíll visit you guys later.


"Life can sometimes give you a smooth path to walk on. When that happens, start digging holes."


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