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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Well hello everyone!! A lot has happened since I last updated XD

Okay, let me start things off with my birthday. It was totally awesome, just hanging out with my friends making jokes and just being ourselves =]. I went home after that and my mom and dad forgot about our birthday and they still havenít said anything T_T. Either than that, it was an awesome day. I want to thank all of my friends here for wishing me a happy birthday.

Next would be exams. DONE them, finally =D. Now the teachers should have already called us if we failed or not..of course I wasnít planning on failing. I know, I did really well XD.

Korean BBQ was the greatest day of my life! I loved how we all went out and everything. It was really cool. EXECPT the part were some people wanted to go to my house so early that we actually walked back home. Walking home is fine and everything but not when itís a 3 HOUR walk. Yeah, that and it was raining too. Dump people..made me walkÖ

Now I was suppose to go out today, but Iím not anymore because I really donít want to go anywhere with my little brother. Really sucks when youíre waiting for something to come alone and your little brother ruins it T_T

Okay then, new month, new theme, new qutoe. I went through a lot of different theme changes, and different xtml and css codes. I didnít have enough time too. So I revered back to this old code. Took less time. I was originally going to go back to the basics but then thought meh, might as well do this at least. Hereís a boring old show for ya. Song is called Helpless Rain. Remember the Sora[KH] theme this year anyone? Remember the song, Glamorous Sky? This is the artist. Sheís super pretty. Sheís just too cool XD.

One last thing. Happy Canada Day!

Okay, Iím done. Iíll visit you guys later.


"Life can sometimes give you a smooth path to walk on. When that happens, start digging holes."


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