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Monday, June 26, 2006

Akito & Agito, Is Delicious Evil
VERY happy

Right, Right! Today is Carl Nii-chan and my birthday. I'm, so happy! 16 baby XD Thanks for all the birthday shouts too XD YAYA CAKE ^^;;

Okay, so I got a Religion exam today..which totally sucks but I know the material, so I guess thats good, right?

Wahh woke up so early today, cause I found a HUGE mosquito in my room 0.o I hate thoes things, the small ones I can live with but not the huge ones. Ontop of that, I already didn't get a wink of sleep already, so basically I was wake the whole night T_T

Host Club and Air Gear are my new best show friends =]

Visiting, today so no worries. I'll be back home in about an hour or so, so I'll visit then.

New theme is killing me. The image won't show ARGG >.< Okay then.


[Edit] lol misquote? Ahh i crack myself up sometimes [/edit]
"Take Love. Leave despair. Live life to the fullest"


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