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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Kiss, Kiss, Fall in Love

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Nothing much..but hey.

Count: 2 more days.

Just 2. It's going to be sooo awesome. Just two more days until I'm 16. I'm very happy. Wahhh i want cake =] lol. Anyways I'm veryy veryy happy as you can see. Just TWOO!!

Cake day was awesome. I just finished the cake yesterday. There no more and I have a craving lol. I love sweet stuff as you can tell. We hardly get any, so any chance I get to have some sweets, I jump. Koren BBQ is this Wed. too...which i also can't wait for.

Okay anyone heard of Ouran High School Host Club? Really funny yet great show/manga. Love it!! lol.

Wahhh, I'm tired right now, but i'm still up. I'm doing exam notes since I have one on monday[yeah that really sucks]. I already had my english one which was very easy, and the last one is on monday.

Soccer! Ghana beat US which made us in the world cup *jumps for joy* Yeah, yeah, thats awesome

I think, I'm done. Wahh see you guys some other time.

"Take Love. Leave despair. Live life to the fullest"


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