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Saturday, June 17, 2006

I Guess Heaven Really isn't Enough
Oh gee goly! I haven't been on here for like..ya the last time I posted.

Count: 9 more days.

Okay. Only 9 more days until me and Carl's birthday. Yet again, my rents fail to see that we're turning 16 and we need a party. I'm really pissed off, but in a way also sad. I guess I'll get over it right? Anyws I'm very happy that I only got 9 more days.

Speaking of birthdays, just because i hardly come on anymore doesn't mean I forget my friends birthdays. Anyways, It's Chris-san
birthday. I hope you have an awesome day man!!*hugs*

Arts night was awesome. It went very well. Yesterday, I held another event at my school called pre-cake day with some friends. It was really awesome. A lot of them brought in some cupcakes and we all ate everything. I had a pie with me also because it was the Cooking class' exam(practical).
I can't wait for cake day! I'm also going to a Koren BBQ. Everyone says it's a lot of fun so I'm going with Carl, and some other friends.

Exams. Their coming fast. Starts this Thursday. PLUS I have an exam on that day. The only reason why I'm happy about exams is because I only have two. One on Thursday and the other on my birthday. Yeah sucs right? Yeah it does. Oh well. I'm passing eng and rel. by mileshots.

Okay then. I guess I'm done for day. I'm going to watch some shows and listen to music to clam me down. If anyone is reading any good manga, then please drop a note and tell me. I ran out.

Oh my gosh! Ghana won against Czech Republic!! Say word. WORD! 2-0!! Yeah yeah. Ghana rocks XD

"Take Love. Leave despair. Live life to the fullest"


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