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Thursday, June 8, 2006

Hello!! Thanks everyone for the awesome comments.

Okay! So today, is Arts Night. Last year I prefromed "1000 words" and this year I'm doing "Weak" from SWV. I'm sooo happy. I'm not scared at all since I've already done this thing many time before. I hope I do good though.

Blah. I've gained weight. I need to start losing it back up again since it's almost time for me to go to camp and everything. Exams are coming along very fast...which sucks. But this semester, I only have two exams so I thik thats fair.

I'm reading Marmalade Boy! I found it and I've heard that it was very good so yeah. Anyways, everyone has to watch NANA the movie. Better yet go and read the manga! It's sooo good. lol. Okay I'm going now

"Take Love. Leave despair. Live life to the fullest"


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