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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Yo! How is everyone?

I skipped school yesterday and went to my friend's house. Nobody really went to school, so it was okay.

I had so much fun at Ken's house it was really awesome. At one point we were watching some video on youtube, and it was some girls dancing. We were so mad that he couldn't dance anymore, since we all use to dance before we met, making our own moves that we're gonna start all over again and perform in Grade 12. LOL long wayy to go. Anyways, Most imporant thing, I did that fun.

ANIME NORTH IS TODAY! I'll be leaving like around 8:30 am, so we can get there early and do what we want. It's going to be so awesome. First convention ever! AND I'm planning to meet enin
too! AHH.

People must read NANA. It's a must see and read type of thing. Go and search NOW! LOL. I love it, it's awesome. X TV, TRC, and Naruto are many others on my list right now too.

Blah. Time for bed. AN. Good Show. Pics? Maybe!

"Take Love. Leave despair. Live life to the fullest"


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