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Monday, April 11, 2005

regurading the last post...
okay then last post...okay i said that i was going to put a pic of the group but my stupid brother put up a pic that he found of a person who directly link so now...he is banned for a week on the computer for deciving the fans of the otaku.....well not banned but hes not going to go on for at least a week...so now insted of the grou ill put a riku pic since he has not been on the site yet.......

OKAY...ppl r saying that they dont really get the person thing if u read my prfile then u will get it okay?but hrer it is anywayz...okay each week i choose or a person will ask me if they can be the person of the week..this means that they will be linked from my site to theires so that they will get more vistes and hopefully gbook signs...i still need a person so plez pm me!!!!

"A friend is someone who loves you for who you are not what you are worth"

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