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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

hello there ppl! i lov u all!!! so much thaxxz 2 all theppl who signed my gbook,made comments,pm me bout stuff they need help on,andto ever1 who was just there 4 me!!!! iight????? okay now onto the important things....okay u know how each week i have a person on my site and i tell the ppl-after they look around and sign my gbook to go and vist the person?? well i really need u ppl to go and vist!!!!!!!!!the person now is doing really good cause i aksed ppl to go and vist their site...ppl thaxxz so much but keep on going!!! okay then next weekk-April 10 ill have a new person but after that week i dont!!! so if u r not happy with the number of vists plez pm so that i can put u up on my site! now bout mi site...okay i know that when u click my page it reloads again!! i dont know hat is going on!!! im trying to figureit out but until then plez dont click! o ya ppl r saying that the pop-up r annoying! well im srry ill try to take it off ^_^; okay then thats it
thaxxz bi!!! pm me if u lov da site or need help with ur site i have caught up!! o ya ppl who have pm me im srry if i dont pm u back casue some pms got deleted so plez...im srry...okay!!
thaxxz so much! bi!

new blog!!!
okay then i got a new blog that does go with the new theme...well now kinda old...anywayz here!

Hey!! everyone i would like to say that i have a new theme!!!! as u can see! anywayz thaxxz every1 4 visting so far i have 964 vistes and 358 gestbook enetries!!! thaxxz so much! i change mi theme every month okay? current them Kingdom Hearts!!
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