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Monday, July 16, 2007

=D Hey guys! How's everyone? My summer has picked up, which I'm really happy about.

I finally got to see Transformers and it was AMAZING, just what I expected. Loveed it XDD. I've also been more in contract with one of my girlfriends more than my best friend, which I think is sort of sad. I haven't really talked to my best friend for awhile, she's been in some sort of trouble, so I can hardly call her. It sucks.

Today, I'm finally going out to my friend's house to watch some movies. Finally getting out of the house more is fun. I love it.

I'm so in love with Fahrenheit(Jiro Wang is hot XDD), CHEMISTRY(such wonderful songs as get's me =P), and KAT-TUN('cause hot guys forming one band isn't sweet?). Hahah, she's obsessed.


"Kitto daijoubu if you keep on dreaming, seeing and believing in yourself"


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