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Thursday, July 12, 2007

=D Hallo everyone! How's it going? I hope everyone is doing good.

My report card came in yesterday, and now I have offically past grade 11. I'm very please with my marks. Now, with only one more year to go, it kind of makes me wonder about the future. Crazy, ne?

This summer is offically sucking.

Anyways, I'm almost done with my dramas. I just finished Love Contract two days ago. Man, what a sad way to end the show. I fricked cried my eyes out like baby. It was really sad, but very good. Heck, I would watch it all over again XDD

I got to download two NANA
CDs and they fricken rock. I love the songs. XDD

Just a quick update.

"Kitto daijoubu if you keep on dreaming, seeing and believing in yourself"


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