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Saturday, July 7, 2007

=D Aiyo... XDD. HAPPY NANA DAY!!!. Zomg, I've been waiting for this day for like ages, man. I'm so exicited that this manga/movie/anime has turned into an appreciate day. Ai Yazawa-sama is famous for making her mangas real, instead of the whole story being fiction. NANA has turned into a world-renowned story, that has touched the hearts of many. Iím really happy, that it is recognized throughout the world. It's a really awesome manga, anime and Live action movie. I'm going to read and watch everything all over again to celebrate, 'cause it's just that awesome.

Anyways, I'm glad you guys like the new theme. Nothing else more to say...XP

"Kitto daijoubu if you keep on dreaming, seeing and believing in yourself"


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