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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hey everyone! I have some news and some stuff XDD, since I haven't updated for like two weeks? lol

Okay! So the talent show was a success! I did well as people are telling me(I don't believe I did), and I got to meet some collage guys too!(LOL don't worry their not like pedos =P). They were preforming at our school too, and well they were pretty darn cool. We talked throughtout the day(since my friends all ditched me at the last moment and decided not to go >:=[). I loved it though, I wish It didn't end =P

I finally fixed my post thingy with the helpf from Now I have another talent show at the end of this month, which is sure to be great. I'll be singing Winter Sleep from NANA by Olivia Lufkin! YAY!~ Wish me luck!

ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG! Anime North is in TWO WEEKS! SHI-AT! I cannot wait. EEK!

I've been downloading Hana Yori Dango Live-Action show, which is like SO cute! I love it so much. I'm SUPER happy that they made a second season! XDD I also got to read the last chapters of Fruba & Kare Kano. I'm very sad that both of these two great manga's ended. They were soo good!

I have so much homework it's retarded! I better get started!

Happy Mother's Dayeveryone!!


"Without despair, and grief you cannot experience happiness and love."


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