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Saturday, March 10, 2007

HA!! Gee goly, it's awful BATMAN! XPP

Yesterday, I went out, since Spring Break has started for me~~. Anyways, I had tons of fun with the group. Today, we're going to visit one of my friends at her house. I haven't seen her in awhile I'm exited.

I've been making a huge batch of icons for both of the graphics sites. I'm almost done with them both, so I can post them up. I finally have my icons up at Sanguinet_Icons.

So BECK & Gundam SEED Destiny came on last night. My brother taped them both, so I'm going to watch then today. EKK, I love GSD!! I also started watching Code Geass. So far, it's a good show!

Argg, I hate it when teachers give homework over Spring Break =[

ZOMG, along with me going to Anime North, I'm going to the Masquerade Ball too!! EEKKK! FEEL MY HAPPINESS!!!!!!

Alrighty, I'm done


"Without despair, and grief you cannot experience happiness and love."


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