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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I am a very happy person right now. Very happy. I love snow days, better yet we don't have to make them up ^_____________^

Anyways, today is the sad Valentine Day, which I think sucks ass every year. Meh, props to anyone who celebrates it though.

So the Geogre concert was so fricken AWESOME. I loved it soo much, he's soo cool XDD

Next week is Semi formal, which also sucks. I rather go next year. Blah-ish

I think I'm going to make a bach of icons, while watching some more shows today, to make the day seem faster XD, or I can always go out with some friends XPP.

Its been one hell of a cold week.

Hope everyone has a good day!!


"Without despair, and grief you cannot experience happiness and love."


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