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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WTF! The theme is almost done. When I say almost, it means the bloody menu bar is stupid and won't go into the right spot. RAWR!

Anyways, I had my first exam yesterday, which was Math. Fairly easy, I'm pretty sure it went well, which made me happy of course. Today's my last exam-Anthro/Psy/& Soc. I'm having a very hard time with this stuff. I get it, it's just that somethings I know I'm going to blank out on. It's a damm two hour fricken exam. WTF! Let's hope I pass.

Anyways, to relieve some stress, I've started to mak icons. Here are some:

Thats just some I've finished XD. What do you think?


"Without despair, and grief you cannot experience happiness and love."


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