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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 12/07/04:


Your Beauty lies in Sadness. Lonely, depressed and feeling broken.
For whatever reason, you see this world only for the bad that it holds carrying
the burdens of yourself and others. Some people like to be with you and your
unique vantage point when they are down, you are someone who can sympathize with
them. But you find yourself alone again when they seem to find a solution and
are happy again, yet you still are stuck in this rut. Do not worry, you will make
it out at some time. Everyone does, if you try. When you are seen all others want
to do is make your pain go away, but that is something only you can do. You
probably keep to yourself a lot and don't like to let people in, afraid to be hurt
again. You feel empty and helpless and your looks reflect that, often seen
with tears in your eyes.

Some Things That Represent You:

Element: Dark, Earth Animal: Robin Color:
Grays, Blacks, Dark Colors Song: Tourniquet by Evanescence
Expression: Tearful Frown

Gemstone: Aquamarine Mythological Creature: Spirit,
Gargoyle Planet: Mercury Hair
Blue-Black Eye Color: Gray

Quote: "Am I too lost to be saved?"

Where Does Your Beauty Lie? ..::Original Pictures Are Back! Detailed Results::..
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Result Posted on 11/09/04:

Result Posted on 10/29/04:

fighter! one who is willing to fight for who u are! go kick some ass

what r u? (girlz) (anime pics)
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Result Posted on 09/21/04:
yeah this is for my friend so dont ask

Your evil-overruler evil profile by Idrynn
Your overly evil name
Where do you live?
How you will take over the worldYou'll save 300 children from a tragedy that you first instigated, then they put you to rule the world because of your "good-spirit"( AHA suckers...)
What makes you look evilyour mouth, or mostly the never-ending smirk you have, associated with maniac laughs
Who will be your sidekickDracula
How you will be taken overyou slipped on ice...
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Result Posted on 09/21/04:
:) yay

Your evil-overruler evil profile by Idrynn
Your overly evil name
Where do you live?
How you will take over the worldWouldn't you like to know
What makes you look evilyour skin, or what remains of it
Who will be your sidekickyour trusty little zombie *good zombie*
How you will be taken overRebellion among your demon minions.
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Result Posted on 09/04/04:

Result Posted on 09/04/04:
it was ment to be

src="http://images.quizilla.com/B/BlackWolf13/1091539368_yesofnight.JPG" border="0" alt="werewolf">

The Werewolf:

The Werewolf is the symbol for Spiritual Paths.
You have the soul of a wolf inside you, which
makes you warm and caring to those you love.

Strengths: Protection is a number one priority,
and therefore you always gaurd the ones you
love and keep tight bonds with your pack mates.
Loyalty is strong within yourself, and you also
expect it from the ones who are close to you.

Flip Side: Even though you care for those you
love deeply, if they betray you, anger races
through your veins. The Werewolf, despite it's
warm fun-loving personality, can also stand up
for itself if need be. You would have no
problem hiding your anger if something sets you
off balance.

Congratulations! You have a Werewolf inside!

What's Your Inner Beast? [pics]
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Result Posted on 07/24/04:
well itook this quiz because well i was bord and of course it was right but i dont really have anyone yet i'm to shy to tell him thats all

You're almost kissing...
You are a little shy, or your crush...so...the kiss
takes a time to happen. It may take time, but
sooner or later it happens!!! Well, the
conquest game is really interresting, isn't it?

What anime kiss are you?
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Result Posted on 07/12/04:

You become a Warrior Angel!
The Worrior Angel! The born fighter.

What kind of Angel are you? .._..contains Anime pictures.._..
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Result Posted on 07/11/04:

You are...a  L o n e r...
You are a LONER. Tho u like being with other
people, it's nice to have some time for
yourself too. And sometimes people are
annoying...so it's better to be alone and do
whatever you like. So yeah...go away!

Yet another personality test ^-^ (nice anime pics!) NEW outcome!!
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