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Sunday, February 12, 2006

   [[ Hello!! ]]

Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
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yay!! i'm back.. but tired.. ^^
hahas.. ^^

[[ Camp ]]
wow.. it was fun.. my whole level/standard went.. to it!! wow!! hahas.. okok.. we had alot of games and high elements..
a few fun games..
hm... okok here goes..
whe had to wear a harness and climb a rope.. den walk across the log hagin on it.. climb to the top of the other side and.. grab the bar haging in de air.. ^^ it was about 4 stories high.. wow!! O_O..
another was the flying fox.. climb the stairs to the top of the building.. and hang on to a rope.. the rope would [WEE!!] bring u down at acccccerllleeerrratttting speeedd.... cool??.. ^^ it was from the 5th storiiieee.. ^^
rock climbing!! wooowww.. so fun..!! hahas.. the wall was high..high..high.. ^^ hahas.. ^^
and lastly.. kyaking.. we kayaked into the open sea.. where the waves were STRONG!! but it was really fun.. we had a race between the groups!!.. ^^ haha.. my kayak almost capsized.. ^^ haha..
but it was funfunfun!!
well.. that mostly it for the camp.. ^^
oh and the camp site was so near changi airport.. so every few mins u could hear a plane flying past.. it was very LOUD ^^ hahas.. but still.. funfunfun!! hahas.. ^^
[[end of camp]]
well.. i'm quite tired.. so i wont be doing site visiting. srry to my friends.. ^^ i'm tired after all the stuff we did.. getting only 3hrs of sleep.. ^^ srry...
i'm gona sleep.....
zZzZZZZZzzzzZZZZzZzZZZzzz... [Takes out magic wand]
Some MILK and COOKIES appear on your table!!
~Ja Ne~

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