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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
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my computer's working again!!

i cant update now.. got to go for a dinner
it's the lunar new year week!!

ang paos!!
haha.. i'm back!!! wee!!!and i'm so hyper!!!!
[dances around...]
[Knocks into chair..]


[faints due to EXTREME hyperness..]

oh yes.. i've a fan art up!!
i'n going to do more..
now more on FMA!!
yay FMA fans!!
i'll update more lata!!

[ps. care to tell me what has been going on so far in ur live?? ^^]
oh.. and my PM box's full.. i've not been to clearing it.. cause i'm so busy!!
so pls leave ur MSG here under the comments instead!!
thanx!! =)
^^ [Takes out magic wand]
Some MILK and COOKIES appear on your table!!
~Ja Ne~

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