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Sunday, December 11, 2005

   [[ I'm back!! ]]

Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
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[[back from camp!!]]
Woot!! i'm back!! and i'm tired [yawns] we ran round Singapore for almost de whole day!! wow.. so tired!! amazing race again!!
for praise and worship.. it was so touchin. i cound feel the Holy Sprit with us.. the sang and everybody started crying.. it was so touchin.. i cried too.. it was really good.. ^^
we had midnight games too!! i slept at 4am ^^ wow..
in the night.. the aircon was SO veryextremely cold that i caught a cold.. ^^ wow.. ^^
[Ah..Ah..AH.. CHOO!!!]
excuse me.. [wipes nose]
sorry.. ^^
[[End Of back from camp!!]]
[[wallpics and fanarts]]
i've not been doing fanarts and wallpics lately cause i've been busy.. ^^ sorry.. ^^
i'm now takin up suggestion for fanarts and wall pics!! comment!! thanx!!
[[End Of Wallpics and fanarts]]
[[Random pic again!!]]
a cute harry potter funnie pic!!
enjoy!! [smiles sweetly]
Anime PIC!!! kawaii neh..
a harry potter and power puff girls [cum boys] mix!! aw.. sute arent they?? ^^
harry puff??
[[End Of Random pic again!!]]
well.. i need to regain my energy. i still have band tomorrow.. ^^ [yawns..]
ZzZzZzZz... [snores LOUDLY!!] ^^ [Takes out magic wand]
Some MILK and COOKIES appear on your table!!
~Ja Ne~

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