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Monday, November 14, 2005


Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
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[[Random Questions]]
Hehes.. i got very funny adn weird questions for the questions on my last post.. ^^ hehes..
THANX!! i think my stomach ached from all that laughing.. haha.. thanx!! i'll still leave the questions from my previous post on the site for my friends who want to try it again or for the first time.. ^^
[[End Of Random Questions]]
[[Site visiting..]]
Well.. i'm still quite busy these few days.. my school counselor board has some projects comming along.. ^^ yay. i promise to visit all of my friend's sites the next time i come online.. ^^ sorry..
[[End Of Site Visiting]]
ok i need help in one of my counselor projects my group is now working on. ^^ pls my friends.. ^^ hehes..
ok here goes.. there's going to be a secondary one [13 year olds] oriantation [sp.] next year. my group is supposed to organize the WHOLE thing!! it's a 5day+1night camp. we need to think of icebreaker games.. avtivities and get them used to the new surroundings of the school..
insingapore, we end our primary school days at 12 and go on to sec school at 13.. with a new school.. new friends.. new surroundings.. ^^ so i need some help for the oriantation thingie.. ^^ pls?? ^^ i also need a theme.. Thanx!! we are thinking of using the theme "metamorphosis" for the whole programme. the changing of a kid into a teen.. ^^
[[End Of Help..]]

I've just submitted a fan art of meer.. ^^ i'm not a very big fan of her thou.. ^^ i might need some tips.. ^^ [hinthint..] ^^ Vote and comment!! Thanx!!
[[End Of FanArt]]
i've also submitted two more new wallpapers. they are now currently on my site as the BG of the main page and the Guestbook.. ^^ pls go see and download!! Thanx!!
[[End Of Wallpapers]]
Ok.. i'm done for now.. ^^ i'll update more alter.. ^^
[[Random Question..]]
Do you believe in ghosts?? why??
[[End Of Random Question]] [Takes out magic wand]
Some MILK and COOKIES appear on your table!!
~Ja Ne~

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