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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
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Place: At The Computer Table At Home..
Time: 9.14 AM
Mood: A little sad..
Listening too: Honoo No Tobira

[[Friend trouble..]]
[gasp!!] i just read my Pm and found out something.. one of the otaku members [and my friend] had died!! [gasp!!] she was a good friend of mine.. a co founder of a club in in too.. i just read the PM and i have sent a reply asking why.. but i still dont know the details.. i promise to post on it ASAP. it's quite saddening. i have talked alot to her and she dropped by my site quite regulary.. i dont want to reveal her username first.. i want to wait for the details.. [sob..] it's really saddening.. [sob..]..
[[End Of Friend Trouble]]
[[Life update..]]
To reply one of my comments on my last post asking if i made a mistake of typo. saying that school has ended. my answer?? Yup, school has ended.. it different here in Singapore. i have finished and gotten back my so-so end of year exam results.. ^_^.. hahars.. i visited a few newbies sites just now and some of my friends's sites.. ^_^ all comming along GREAT!! ^_^ i dont have much to say.. hehes..
[[End Of life update]]
[[Brothers and Sisters+members..]]
Yup!! i'm asking for Brothers and sisters.. plus more members for my club.. ^_^ pls PM me!! ^_^ Thanx!!
[[End Of Brothers and Sisters+members..]]
Hm. i've not done the guessing game for a time now.. well i'm starting it again!! for those who have read one my my prrevious post. you will kow how to play. basicaly, i will put up some 125x125 pix pictures form an Anime and you'll have to guess which character it is. Simple?? yup!! ^_^.. But now the problem is which anime?? any suggestions?? i'll be taking all comments a thought!! ^_^ Thanx!!
[[End Of Guessing..]]
Well.. That's all for today.. i guess i got to go visit other sites and draw more.. i haven't been submitting in much these few days.. too busy.. ^_^ hehes.. [I've mamaged to submit in 51 pieces!! ^_^ yay!!] [Takes out magic wand]
Some MILK and COOKIES appear on your table!!
~Ja Ne~

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