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Friday, October 28, 2005


Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
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Wow.. I've not posted in a few days already!! Wow.. So.. Iím gona post now!! yay!! Ok.. So read on!! Thanx!!
[[End Of PostPost]]
[[New Site Update]]
Ok.. i've gotten my Old/New site back form my friend.. Shiroi Hana pls sign my GB there if you havent done so!! thanx!! ^_^ i'll be posting there often too!!
[[End Of New Site Update]]
[[School update]]
Yay!! Schoolís over!! holi are here!! Enjoy!! Yup. Today was the last day of school.. We did some spring cleaning of the class and our lockers.. [ew.. smelly] ^_^ hahars.. i'm very VERY sorry to all my friends for not posting in the last few days.. i came back very late those few days.. Hehes [grinx!!] .. Yesterday, the sky was overcast.. So dark.. [Oh.. scary] i had some kind of chairman duty of ushering the parents to the classes for a parent-teacher-meeting.. Wow!! it was so tiring!! it started at 4 and ended at 8 at night!! After that i had to rush to my night class until 10!! Late.. It was raining heavily by then.. [ACHOO!!] i think i'm sick.. [Sniff.. ACHOO!!] i think i really am.. Hehes.. [Sniff] oh well.. i waited for my father to come along to fetch me as the rain was SO heavy!!
There was [ACHOO] heavy traffic and he came late.. Around 11+!! Wow.. i still had to go home and bathe and do my homework!! i think i slept at 1+!! so late [ACHOO!!] excuse me.. i think i'll post more tomorrow!! thanx!! [ACHOO!!]
[[End Of School Update]]
Yay.. Halloween is round the corner.. or isit over?? Iím not sure.. in [ACHOO] Singapore, we dont have Halloween.. sadsad.. so can any one tell me about you past Halloween xperience?? it'll be so fun to know ^_^ hehes.. Pls [ACHOO!!]excuse me.. [Doggie eyes] Please?? Thanx!! [Hugs!!] [ACHOO!]
[[End Of Halloween!!]]
Ok then!! Iím [ACHOO!!] done for now.. i think i'll go drink some hot milk!![ACHOO!] byes!! thanx for reading!! [ACHOO!!] Thanx again!!
[Takes out magic wand]
Some MILK and COOKIES appear on your table!!
~Ja Ne~

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