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Sunday, October 23, 2005

   [[ WoOoOoO..]]

Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
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hahars.. ok.. i've just set up a new theme.. Halloween.. but it's kinda late.. hehes.. i know.. ^_^
hope my friends like it.. and sorry if the words are kinda hard read as they had to go with the theme.. you wouldn't want to see pink words on an orange/black BG.. that would look so wierd.. ^_^ so forgive me.. ^_^ thanx!! [dances] lala.. i'm still hyper today!!
[[End Of Muahaha]]
[[New FanArt]]
I've just sent in a new fan art.. ^_^.. dearka holding a rose!! i love the shadding.. [hugs drawing].. lala.. pls check it out, vote or give comments!! thanx my friends!!
[[End Of New FanArt]]
[[Life Update]]
Hm.. today's a monday!! and i don't need to go to school!! yay!! cause the school are haveing some sort of promotion day thingie.. duno what.. ^_^ hehes.. [blur] i'll be going out with my friend later.. she supposed to get a present for her mom. but she dosent know what.. any suggeation?? i'm kinda blur.. [girnx].. something sad now.. my aunt just visited my grandmother yesterday and discoverded something.. it was that my grandmother could not reconize people.. they say that she's not going to make it.. even thou i have not talked to her much and seen her very often but she is still me grandmother.. it'll be very sad to see her go.. [see my other post dated Thursday, September 1, 2005 on the 2nd page of my archives] i've already lost a friend.. i don't want to lose another.. i still havent recovered from my last ordeal.. sigh.. why is the world like that.. people are born and each day, many people die.. more and more disaters are happening.. for those christians [i'm one] out there.. read revalations and you'll understand.. life's so stressed..
[[End Of Life Update]]
[[New Members, Sisters. Brothers And Friends]]
Ok.. i have around 460 GB entries!! yay.. hahars.. Hm.. new menber for my club.. i've also joined 3 new clubs.. [if you want to join, leave your mouse on the pic for awhile and see who you should PM] i'm still looking for new members.. PM me for my club!! Hm.. New Sisters and brothers!! i have a few new more!! pls go visit them same goes for the members!! ^_^ thanx!! PM me if you want to be my Online Sister or Bother too!! ^_^ thanx!! i've also found some very good friends!! yay!! they come to my site everyday!! you know who you are!! i'll post it in my next post!! i've done quite alot for now!! hahars..
[[End Of New Members, Sisters, Brothers And Friends]]
Well that's all for today!! i typed quite alot!! for those who read all of it pls tell me.. i'll thank you in my next post!! thanx!! [hugs]!! [Takes out magic wand]
Some MILK and COOKIES appear on your table!!
~Ja Ne~

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