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Friday, October 21, 2005


Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
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wha.. i have not posted in such a long time.. well it seems like a long time.. i have been busy of late.. clearing up my room and preparing for school stuff and not to mention the millions of outings i'm gons have in the upcoming weeks!! yay! ^_^.. i'm going out with my BF too!! ^_^ yay again!! ^_^.. well for this post.. i'll be anouncing the winner for the contest!! ^_^ [the guessing].. hahas.. pls take note and visit their site and look around!! REMEMBER to sign their GB!! ^_^ hahars.. but before that.. i'll be writing up some things.. ^_^ [wait..!! ^_^]
[[End Of PostPost]]
ok.. i've posted two more fanart.. one on lunamarie and the other on Dearka and Miri [GSD].. i trying to draw up some FMA ones.. fruits Basket ones too!! ^_^.. so wait and see!! ^_^ yay!! i done the shadding on them too!! ^_^ yay again.. hahars.. i'm hyper again today ^_^ yippies!! ^_^ [dances] lala..
[[End Of Fan Arts]]
[[New Theme]]
I'm thinking of changing theme again.. ^_^ hahars.. habit.. ^_^ should i do a Gundam Seed one.. Fruits Basket one Or FMA.. any others you can think of.. ^_^ pls vote.. tell me.. ^_^ i'm in a blur.. too much hyper-ness all in me.. i think i'm gona burst.. !! ^_ [blows up..] oh-oh.. ^_^.. [opps]
[[End Of New Theme]]
[[Guessing Winners]]
Ok.. now it's time.. ^_^.. for the winners.. !! ^_^ [Drumroll..]
In First Place We have..
Shinto Sakata
In Second place..
Tsuna azai010

In Third Place..
Mayura Ashite
the answers are..
1. Lacus. her hair is a giveaway.. it's pink and ling. ^_^
2. Cagalli.. it was the uniform that she was wearing.. ^_^
3.ok.. for this onr most ppl guessed it was athrun.. wrong!! it was shinn.. notice the eyes.. it's red.. athrun's green!! ^_^ it was from a screen pic of phrase33.. when stellar died.. ^_^..
4.Another one that most people guess wrong.. ^_^.. it's Lunamarie.. [most guessed it was fllay]] ^_^ notice the hair sticking out?? Fllay's hair is all straight!! ^_^ even thou the colour is alomst the same!! ^_^..
Clap Clap to those who guesed it right!! ^_^..
[[End Of Guessing Winners]]
[[New Members, Sisters and Brothers]]
Yay.. new members.. pls look them up and sign their GB!! ^_^ same goes for my sisters and Brothers.. ^_^.. those who want to become my sister, brother or join the clou pls PM me!! ^_^ thanx..
[[End Of New Members, Sisters and Brothers]]
[[Life Update]]
Yaya.. ^_^ life update.. [ahem..]
Today will he hot.. very hot.. pls bring out an umbrella out with you as it will be VERY sunny.. for tomolo.. it's gona be cold.. very cold.. br.. [BtZ..] [ZtZTz].. [switch off]
sorry.. that was my internal weather report system.. hope it didnt interupt this post.. ^_^.. as i said.. i'm hyper today.. so my internal system is too!! ^_^ [grinx].. [BtZ..] Oh no.. it's on again.. [ahem] the pink dolphins by the bay have given birth to some cute dolphins [Btz] [off] sorry.. it went off again.. ^_^ [Btz] welcome to [[OH-OH]] the chanel where we give you updates on the recent disaters all over the world.. [Btz].. ARGH!! ^_^ i'm sorry.. i'll pull out the plug... [BTZZ!!!!] ARGH!! i forgot!! i need Electricity!! ARGH!! i'm T..U..R..N..I..N..G.. O..F..F.. [system's voice: Warning! Warning! system's batt low!! might Shut Down at any moment!! Warning!! Turn the power back on!! Warning!!]
i shall now [BtZ] master up my last strength.. to [BtZ] say.. ^_^.. i'll poster [Btz] another day!! hope you enjoy [BtZ] Your time you had spent reading my post.. ^_^.. [btZ] hope you laughed too!! ^_^.. laughing reduce [BtZ] wrinkles.. ^_^.. [BtZ] [Warning!! System going to shut down.. in.. 10..]
[[End Of Life Update]] [9..]
Well [BtZ] [7..] That's all i have to [BtZ] say!! ^_^ thanx for reading!! ^_^ pls tell me [BtZ] [6..] if you have read all this and laughed.. ^_^ [BtZ] [5..] hahars.. ^_^ .. i'll be [BtZ] [4..] greatfull! ^_^.. [BtZ] [3..] Thanx again!! [BtZ] [2..] well.. [BtzBtZ] Bye!! ^_^ [1..].. [BTZ!!] [0..] [system voice: system failure.. windows is now shutting downnn.. Have A Good Day!!] [BTZZ][PLICK!!][everything turns black!!]
[Takes out magic wand]
Some MILK and COOKIES appear on your table!!
~Ja Ne~

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