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Sunday, October 16, 2005

   [[ SadSad ]].. [[HappieHappie]]

Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
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nobody has gotten it right yet.. sadsad.. i'm still waiting for more ppl to comment on my post.. so far there's only four.. is everybody that busy?? oh well ^_^ smile.. lessen wrinkles.. ^_^.. i'll leave the pics on for my provious post. pls look and try to guess.. ^_^ thanx..
[[End Of Guessing]]
[[Brothers and sisters]]
So far i've gotten some more Sisters and brothers.. and somemore pending [sounds weird] ^_^ yay... i'm still hopin for more.. ^_^ enlarge my otaku famile.. ^_^.. yay.. ^_^..
[[End Of Brothers and sisters]]
Well.. there's more ppl joining the Guardians of destiny.. ^_^ yippe. ^_^ i'm still looking for more.. ^_^ pls PM me if you want to Join.. same for being my Otaku Sister Or Brother..[PM me] ^_^..
[[End Of Members]]
[[Life Update]]
Well.. there's nothing much to up date on.. i still have no school today.. ^_^ [it's a monday] ^_^.. marking day.. hehes.. so i get to stay at home and play around.. ^_^ yay.. i was hoping to draw up more pics.. manybe some on FMA.. i've been thinking but never really got down to it yet.. hehes.[ grinx].. i'll be getting down to it now.. ^_^..
sigh.. tomolo my class is gona dance.. ew.. with thay gay teacher..[refer to one of my previous post]..ew.. we're gona laugh at him again.. he's such a gay.. -_-".. ^_^.. hahars.. well who cares.. at least we're gona have more free time to talk during his class.. ^_^ [one good point..].. Hm.. tuesday.. tuesady i've band.. [again] it not that i dont like it but it's so unfair.. having band straight after the exams.. ^_^ sigh.. but gota do well.. next year's the SYF [Singapore Youth Festival].. cant wait.. i so wanna win the Gold award and Band The Year award..it'll mean alot to us.. cheer us on!! ^_^..
[[End Of Life Update]]
Oh Well.. i'm gona visit my friends sites now.. ^_^ byeX!! i'll post up another day!! Thanx for reading!! [[hugs]] [Takes out magic wand]
Some MILK and COOKIES appear on your table!!
~Ja Ne~

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