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Friday, October 14, 2005

   [[ Guessing ]]

Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
[[ My Links.. ]]
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[[sisters and brothers]]
i've gotten some sisters and brothers.. ^_^ yay.. their names are at the top of my profile.. ^_^ visit them pls.. ^_^ thanx..
i'm finding for more Sisters and Brothers.. ^_^ anybody?? PM me pls.. ^_^..
[[End Of Sisters and Borthers]]
ok.. i've had some new members.. their names are at the top too.. ^_^ visit them too!! i'll put somemore up again.. i'm kinda in a hurry today.. hehes. sorry friends.. ^_^.. for those who wants to join pls PM me.. ^_^.. i'll be waiting.. ^_^ [sits and wait..] lalala..
[[ End Of Club ]]
ok.. now for the good part.. hahars.. [grinx] This time's Topic is on Gundam Seed Destiny.. [Next time's on FMA..] ^_^.. guess the next few pics correctly and have ur name posted on my site!!.. ^_^ [grinx] so here it is.. the guess of the day.. [ps. tips are on the pic once u scroll ur mouse over and leave it there for awhile]
1.The hair.. [it's qute a give away..]
2.The uniform.. [it's from a CD cover]
3.The Eyes [another give away]
4.Opps.. no tips.. it's easy!! [tis is the easiest]
Top 3 will get the "prize" haahrs.. so.. start rackin ur brains now.. ^_^
[[End Of Guessing]]
[[Life Today]]
Well.. there's no school today.. it's a saturday.. hehes.. i've been at home drawing. hehes.. maybe after this i'll go draw some more.. ^_^.. well.. there's nothing more.. i'll update more on another day.. hehes.. sorry..
[[End Of Life Today]]
[[Fan Arts]]
I've just put up a new fan art.. Dearka and Miri shadded and un-shadded.. it looks weird thou.. ^_^ maybe i'll repost it.. i've oso done another one on Athrun And Cagalli. pls look.. give comments.. or Vote.. ^_^ thanx.. ^_^..
[[End Of Fan Arts]]
I'll be doing another wallpaper.. i think one on Luna or Kira and Cagalli.. [twinx].. ^_^ watch out for it..
[[End Of Wallpapers]]
Ok. done for today.. i'll post somemore tomolo.. ^_^.. sorry and thanx for reading.. Happy Guessing too!!.. ^_^ i'll be waiting for Winners.. [waits]... lala..lala..lala..lala.. [Takes out magic wand]
Some MILK and COOKIES appear on your table!!
~Ja Ne~

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