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Thursday, October 13, 2005

   [[ Over..! ]]

Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
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Woo Hoo.. Exams are OVER!!.. woo hoo.. [jumps around] lala..lala..lala..lala.. [Dances around] la.la.la.la.. so happy.. Now i have more free time to draw.. ^_^ yay.... hahars.. More time for Otaku and my friendX too!! ^_^.. yay..
[[End Of Exams]]
[[Brothers And Sisters]]
i'm hoping to have some Online Brothers And Sisters.. Anybody interested?? pls PM me.. ^_^.. I'll put ur banner/button on my site at all times so that ppl can vist ur site.. ^_^.. pls and thanx..
[[End Of Brothers And Sisters]]
The Guardians of Destiny are Recuritin.. ^_^ [hahars.. sound weird..^_^].. interested ppl pls PM me too ^_^.. please and thanx..
[[End Of Club]]
[[New FanArts]]
Ok.. i've put up some new fanarts.. they are not concidered "new" hahars.. i did them like a year ago?? so they are not really nice.. ^_^ hehes.. [grinx] i've gotten a few negitive votes.. hehes.. [shrugs shoulders] oh well.. ^_^.. be happie.. Will lessen on the wrinkles.. ^_^.. hahars.. Exams over.. Hyper-active.. ^_^..
[[End Of New FanArts]]
[[New Wallpapaer]]
Yup.. the new/old wallpapaer tat is now currently on my theme and Guestbook [Yzak & Dearka/Lacus Clyne] is on otaku.. pls look.. if you want to download it.. GREAT.. ^_^.. [hyper]..^_^.. hahars.. lala..lala..lala..lala..
[[End Of New Wallpapaer]]
i'm taking in requests for Wallpapers and Fanarts.. i'm blur at what to do.. ^_^ hehes.. [Grinx..] Thanx..
[[End Of Requests]]

[[Life Account 1]]
Ok.. now for an update on my life [i've not done so for a VERY long time] hahrs.. okok.. i've just got grounded by my mother.. she found out i waas going out with a boy.. ^_^ sadsad.. for two weeks.. about the guy.. i've been with him for sometime now.. he's CUTE.. ^_^ thou he's much older than me.. But he's very caring and Sweet.. [he's a good kisser too..^_^ hahars..] hahars.. not for ur eyes.. [covers eyes] hehes.. ^_^.. hehes.. miss him alot thou.. ^_^.. hehes... [lovesick] lala..lala..lala..lala.. [smiles sweetly.. ^_^] hahars [dances].. pls excuse me.. i'm hyper now.. ^_^.. lalalala..
[[End Of Life Account 1]]
[[Life Account 2]]
Hm.. another year has come and gone.. exams are just over.. and we're having post-exams stuff.. one of them is dancing.. Eww.. not offending those who like dancing.. I like dancing.. but they are going to teach some kind of weird dance.. we had it once during PE lessons.. The tracher was GAY!! [yup u heard correctly.. or technicaly speaking.. u saw it correctly..] he wears g-string.. no.. i'm not kidding.. hahars.. no offence here but it's really funny.. he goes dancing around and his [ahem.. excuse me] bottoms shakes.. you can practicaly see the shape of it.. [hides eyes] ew.. the whole class knows.. [hides eyes].. hahars.. Ew... [sticks out tounge]... hahars.. i'll update more on my life in the next post.. ^_^..
[[End Of Life Account 2]]
[[Change Of Themes]]
I'm thinking of changing themes again.. any suggestions?? maybe a Cagalli or stellar one.. [They are my two most favourite characters] Hm.. Think for me too.. ^_^..
[[End Of Change Of Themes]]
I'm having a fun game.. hehes.. i'l put it up in my next post [i've typed too much here already..] [laughs] i'll explain it now.. pls try it out.. ok.. here goes.. i'll put some pics around 125x125 pix on some anime on my site.. it be in the Anime i watch.. mostly GS.. GSD.. FMA.. Fruits Basket.. somemore.. all that my friends reading this have to do is to is to guess what show and if possible guess which character too.. Top 3 winner's [with correct answers for all pics] name gets to be mentioned in my next post for more ppl to visit their site.. [clapclap] so pls guess.. get ready ur brains.. hahars.. ^_^.. so watch out for my next post..
[[End Of Guessing]]
Well.. that's all for now.. i've to go look around the other sites.. ^_^.. Byes my friends.. if you ppl have read EVERY SINGLE word that i have written here pls tell me.. i want to give you a great BIG hug!! and a BIG thanx.. i've written so much.. ^_^.. thanx..
[Takes out magic wand]
Some MILK and COOKIES appear on your table!!
~Ja Ne~

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