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Friday, October 7, 2005


Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
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[[stolen idea]]
Argh.. so mad at one of my friend from school.. she stole my idea.. argh.. the idea was to have a small barbecue after the exams at one of the beaches.. i came up with it.. [for more understanding.. i'm the class chairperson..] ^_^.. so i told the class about it befor the June holidays and most of them didnt want it in June.. so i decided to wait until December.. now.. it's going to be the end of the EOY [End Of Year] exams.. my friend [or rather she used to be] stole my idea of having a class outing and told it to the form teacher.. claiming it was her own idea.. ^_^ really sad at this.. the wole class think it's her idea and really supprot her.. saying that i stole her dea instead.. man.. how worse can this get??.. [:(] [sob].. stress..
[[End Of Stoles Idea]]
ok.. i've been getting alot of PMs from alot of newbies.. and my friends too! ^_^ yay.. but here's to all people ou there who wants to PM me.. .after i reply you can you pls attatch the mgs i sent you before that?? i'm getting blur.. too much stress i think.. ^_^ [hehes] Thanx fwenX.. ^_^..
[[End Of PM]]
[[Stolen Fan Art]]
[gaps] i've just been to one of the fan art sites [not in otaku] and i saw something.. really really shocking.. i saw my art.. the one on
Stellar Shadded2..
i found the exace same one.. i went ot the users site and tried to find the username in otaku.. and i found it.. [shock] she has an account here and in one of her posts she mentioned about putting up a fan art.. i think it's the one i drawn and saw!!.. pls help me.. i'm stressed enough already.. her site's on
Kawaii Neh
pls help me.. [sobs]
[[End Of Stolen Fan Art]]
Sob.. byes.. i'm going to study.. :'(.. [sob]
... [Takes out magic wand]
Some MILK and COOKIES appear on your table!!
~Ja Ne~

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