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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

New Theme..

Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
[[ My Links.. ]]
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[[ New ThemeX..]]
ok.. i've created a new theme..
Lacus Clyne.. Kool? any comments?? ^_^.. Lacus is so Kawaii.. ^_^.. love her hair.. ^_^.. long long.. ^_^.. [grinX] heheX..
[[End Of New Theme]]
[[New Friend]]
okies.. another new friend.. hahars.. many recently.. ^_^.. ok.. she's using my old/new site.. [[those who knew about my site going down once and created a new site would know about this]].. it's Shiroi hana pls visit her and sign her GB.. i've done up the site layout for her.. she'll update her site in a day or two.. wait for her site to come on great!.. ^_^.. thanx.. [grinX] ^_^..
another person is Animepersun
drop by there too.. ^_^.. thanx my GOOD and WONDERFUL friendX.. ^_^..
[[ End Of New Friend]]
[[ eXams..]]
oh bother.. exams are coming on again.. i have a chinese paper tml, science and maths paper one on friday.. and then comes Maths paper 2 and the other subjects [history, Geography, art, lit..] STRESS.. argh.. i think i'll sing and dance to relieve my stress.. ok...
[starts singing and dancing]
la la la la la la la.. [twirls round].. la la la la.. [jumps up].. la la la la.. [bangs into the chair] CRASH! chair falls.. [opps].. [holds on to leg] ouch.. rubrub.. painpain.. ^_^hehes..
Wish me luck for the Exams! Thanx..
[[End Of eXams]]
Well i have to go study now.. [sigh..] must score good! i might not be online so often thru the week so i might not be able to update so often.. sorry.. thanx.. ^_^..
[Takes out magic wand]
Some MILK and COOKIES appear on your table!!
~Ja Ne~

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