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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

   Chapter one... part one...

Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
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Chapter one...part one...
“the peace talk”
Inside a room in the parliament house, Cagalli Yula Attha sat on a yellow swivel chair that matched her shoulder-length hair, head in her hands. She was wearing the orb’s official military uniform and a handsome tanned blue-haired not older than 18 with eyes as green as emeralds stood next to her. His eyes surveyed Cagalli and spoke “Cagalli, try to loosen up, I’m sure everything will be fine out there. Don’t worry.” Cagalli lifted her head from her hands and smiled “Thanks Athrun, it means a lot coming from you.” She reassured the blue-haired, Athrun. Athrun knelt down to Cagalli’s eye level and put his arms around her. Cagalli returned the hug, knowing that Athrun will protect her no matter what. “Miss Cagalli, the talk is starting soon.” A voice from outside the door said. Athrun straightened and placed his hand on Cagalli’s. “Come in.” cried Cagalli. The door opened and her personal attendant Kisaka, face greeted her. “Mr.Zala,” greeted the man. He turned back and raised an eyebrow at Cagalli. “This way miss.” Kisaka led the way to the conference room, which was starting to fill up with delegates from different places. Finally, the long awaited peace talk was about to start. As the host of the talk, Cagalli sat at the head of the table. Feeling nervous, she called the talk to a start. The servants closed the door behind them and Cagalli started. Glancing around the room, she spotted the familiar faces of delegate Amarifi and smiled a greeting to them. “Fellow leaders, I’m quite sure you are all gathered here not to admire my rare beauty or only to taste the coffee in front of you.” She joked, gesturing to the cups of coffee, bringing out some laughs from the crowd. More seriously, she added. “Today, we are here for a reason, to talk about the new peace treaty in which everyone will have a part in. I’m free to any opinions.” There were murmurs around the room and a green-haired delegate stood up. “Senator Amalifi, representing Zaft. Zaft had previously taken over some neutral countries and are now willing to give them back their state of neutrality.” Cagalli nodded the head and looked around the room. Then the orb leader, Talia, stood up and said “I agree with you Senator Amalifi, Omni has too taken over some countries and we have decided to give them back their neutrality.” Cagalli turned to the note taker, who was sitting in a corner taking down everything everyone said on paper. “Draft out a form.” She ordered him. The note taker immediately wrote a form and passed it to Cagalli. “Senator Amalifi, Talia will both of you please sign this?” Cagalli handed the form to both of them. Watching them sign the form, Cagalli felt a sense of accomplishment inside her. She glanced at Athrun and smiled. Athrun, sensing that Cagalli’s fear had already left her, smiled back. In that way, the peace talk carried on. The peace talk came to an end, with all countries agreeing not to start another war. Cagalli informed the delegates of the buffet in the ballroom. Slowly, they left the room, leaving Cagalli and Athrun alone in the room. Cagalli heaved a sigh of relief “it’s finally over.”
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