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Sunday, July 31, 2005

   hallow... i'm back online again...

Fruitssssyyy Bassskittt!!
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yay... my net's working again... *smiles very widely* i've sent in another few wallpapers and had a whole new bunch of ppl sign my gb... if ya'll are free... pls go visit their site and sign their GB too... thanx... i just had a concert yesterday.. my school band was performing and it was so fun... i had to reach school at about 8.45 in the morning and stayed until 10+ into the night... the concert was a blast... i was kinda nervous at first but chilled later... we all had a wonderful time 2gether... woohoo to my Band... *i'm a clarinetist* muahaha... [Takes out magic wand]
Some MILK and COOKIES appear on your table!!
~Ja Ne~

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