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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

yeah yeah...i'm suppossed to say "Everythings all better now guys!!!!" well its not...my dad has nemonia(sp) he keeps complaining. he also says to me that he is a "man slave" to this house...in other words he thinks that absolutly nothing gets done unless HE does it or HE yells at us. I'M SO TIRED OF LISTENING TO HIM YELLING AT ME!!!! I'M TIRED OF HIM COMPLAINING TO ME!!!! I'M TIRED OF IT ALL!!!!!! I THINK I'M GOING MAD!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T GET MORE THAN 7 OR 6 HOURS OF SLEEP PER NIGHT AND ITS MAKING ME SICK AND GIVING ME WEIRD SIDE AFFECTS AND ONE IS MEMORY LOSS!!!! BY TOMARROW MORNING I'LL PROBABLY FORGET ALL ABOUT THIS POST!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

*takes deep breath* oh God please help me...i'm insaine.

ok ppl i feel alot better^^ its not all held up now thank you!!!

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