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Sunday, August 14, 2005

this weekend
this was one of the worst weekends i have ever had!!!! my cousins came over. the eldist one was such a brat!!! she was pushy and was such a jerk!!! i was nice to her the entire time and alls she could do to was belch all around the house as if she was a bumb, poke me with sticks, and all day today she was trying to trip me. she thought it was funny to do this. every time she tryed to trip me i wouldn't fall so she kept tryign and trying. and then she wanted to go through all my stuff (cloths, papers, and dressers!!! guess how old she is...

16!!! she is 16 and acts like she is 4!!!! srry for gripping on and on, its just i had a horibble day.

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