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Saturday, July 23, 2005

hi everyone.
srry i haven't been here latley. i haven't had a lot of time. nor have i had a way to get on the com for a while. over the weekend or something like that there was a storm and the powerbox in my com's tower broke and so did the wireless cablebox. so we couldn't get online. then my mom's brand new dell was (and still is) have problems with its ability to get onto the internet by itself. so we got a new wierless cablebox and a cable guy cam over to our house to make sur that everything was set up right. and it worked fine. but the next day another cable guy went to the house across the street (to the side of us) and whatever he did messed up my internet connection. along with other ppl's. and yesterday a new able guy went accross the street(in front o us) and fixed everything. i wonder whats gonna happen next.

this always happens when my mom trys to go to college online. i do't think shes meant to. the last time she tried to goto college onlien the com broke down and she missed a lot of class. do any of you think my mom is meant to go to college online?

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