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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hey, how has everyone been? I on the other hand have been truly miserable. Been having bad relationship problems, Id rather not get into it because I dont like ranting about personal issues. Also, my girlfriend has her own site and might get angry or something stupid so Id rather not discuss the issue.

On another note. Ive won a few soul Calibur tornys. Im happy about that. Ive also been playing a new game called Baten Kitos. Its like a GNC but its like one of the best ones Ive ever played. Id like to say wassup to Vicious, I havent talked to you in awhile, I havent had the chance, because im always at work. Also, lyndsey, I tried to get in contact with you but I dont get off until late, really late at night, thats why my mom tells you to call back later, you never do though...

So..How have all of you been? Ill try and visit most of your sites, Ive been doing alot of rping on Gaia, thats another reason I havent been able t6o do stuff latley. Nothing interesting has really happen...hmm

You tell me guys, if you were in a relationship, and you saw your girlfriend 3 times a month at the most, what would you do?

If she has never said she loves you first, before you said it to her, other than once..what would you do.

If you go out of your way, money and time was to see her and feel unapreciative..what would you do? Cause like, I know she cares but she acts like she doesnt care at all.Oh well....just another thing Ill have to clean up...

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