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Monday, May 16, 2005

I had one hell of a weekend. Dear god. Man.....although I missed Most of HFStival...I still had a great weekend. It was ....just so great......

Well. First off. On Friday I went to a lockin. I stayed up from 8 To 8. Ive never done that in my entire life.

They had the double halo set up...with the two T.Vs....lan connection.

We had GGX2.Super Smash...everything. Anime Dvds...movies out the ass...

Then there was this chick there....

Then I went over her house....

Damn I had such a good weekend. This weekend was so good to me.

Ill end on this note.

Enjoy life while your able too... for all its worth....because..you may not be able to enjoy it again.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

All of the things I do not like..

Well, what person do you hate the most on anime? I just wanted to know that.

Tell me this guys...

Why do females like Inuyasha...
What is so good about him? Yes, I am going to ramble, so be prepared. I do not like him because he is not great, he has nothing about him.

What anime character cant beat Inuyasha? He discusts me.

Then you have the famous Link...

What is so great about his goblin looking ass?! I do not like him because he is not great. He does have his ups, but man does he has his downs. HE WEARS TIGHTS!!! Have you any dignity?

O.O; Its quite a few other people I dont like aswell...but Ill say that for another day. Im sorry, they just suck with a passion.

Just like DBZ. It is not a good anime. Sure the fighting scenes are cool but were is the plot. You see a bunch of assholes fighting to save the universe and it takes them ten years to actually start fighting. Monologue like a bitch....

Yaoi, I dont hate it..because I think it would be unfair too. But I dont like it. Come on, too guys fucking each other? Its inhuman....

I say this because...who wants to see the worlds greatest evil duer, Sephiroth...screwing one of the greatest mercenaries of all time...Cloud. Its an embarassment onto Anime. Lets not even get to the Gundam yaoi........-_-;

Stupidity. Geez oh mighty I hate stupid ass mother fuckers!!!!!!! Stupidity should be painful. It has no reason too exist and causes the majority of our problems today.....enough said on that.

Females. Deer oh god. I dont hate, and I need you but damn.....they will make you angry. O.o; All females arent the same though so I cant say much on that but damn. I hate Hoes,Pozers,Sluts, Drug users, Liars...All of it....

Number one, above all these I think I hate Stupidity and Liars the most. There is nothing worst to trust someone and they go behind your back and do something to you and you thought you trusted them. Ive seen it all too much, and sad to say.....the only people whove done that are females.

And every female in my entire life ive come across is selfish. They will put the well being of themselves over anyone...even if its subconciously(....they still do it...and thats every female..ive ever encountered. Even women. As I said though, all are not the same..it would be wrong to classify you all in that manner because its simply not true.

But I truthfully believe over 70% of the females in this world are like that. Ladies...prove me wrong.LOL.

Well, Brandon...you chickend out? I wouldnt expect this from you...how sad.

Also, if you come to my site. Then comment. DO NOT COME AND DONT PUT ANYTHING! That my friend..is ignorant....Sorry if I seem like a smug, judgemental bastard, but thats just the way I feel today.

Peace my fellow Otaku.

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Monday, May 9, 2005

Well, damn. Hello to you all. Im so bored...and hungry.

A few messages for people.

Akayo, If you dont come over im gonna lose it, I must go and kill you in Naruto!

Zan. Im gonna make you suffer in GGX2..just like I did before...and always have.

To Purgatory, How have you been? O.o; Wesly been treating you good? I know he has....too bad we dont talk though, maybe ill still go down there eh?

Too....Sidney. Eh, I dont win all the time but I win the majority, which is over 70% of the time. If I do lose its because I was banked or something very stupid happened, like a bomb or so forth....let me remind you of Kirby and his annoying ass...who ALWAYS TRYS TO KILL ME!!! Eh....one on one I havent gotten my ass kicked....as of when I learned how to play. I even beat Eric..quite a few times, I honestly dont think he can beat me anymore. Dont let me get into any other fighting game...O.o; and you didnt answer my quiz.

All of you that come to my sites, i really apreciate it. If I dont go to yours then I want you to tell me because I do make an effort.

On another note. I wish I was rich because I dont have any money....There is soo many things I want..and dont have. Im preregistered for Otakon, im happy that shits over with.

Damn... If I was rich, I can honestly say..I would be happy. Money makes me very happy!! I say this because when other people get on your fucking nerves and you dont want to deal with them then you can say" YEAH, WELL FUCK YOU, BECAUSE IM GOING TO BUY ME SOME CLOTHES AND A VIDEO GAME!!!!" Whoever said money doesnt make you happy is stupid!!! I also say this because if money doesnt bring you happyness then that means you are shopping in the wrong damn place!

Anyways, Jrock is so great. Ive been listening to it and its...soo good. Jpop..is....eh....but Jrock is the shit!!! O.o; I dunno, if you people havent realized this great genre of music than ill give you some websites too download musics.

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Friday, May 6, 2005

Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Sense of Humour
In a survival situation, you:Fight, and enjoy it
Your hidden talent is:Courage
Your gift is:Physical beauty
In groups, you:Work for a common goal
Your best quality is:Your sense of humour
Your weakness is:Your overweening arrogance
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Well, if you didnt answer the quiz yesterday. I would apreciate it if you answered it today.

This is my belief.

Link would not be cervantes. Cervantes would crush him, hes a dead pirate witht he power of Soul edge.....and hes skillfull. Whats Link gonna do, throw bitch ass bombs and arrows?

Dante vs spawn, this is a hard ass decision, seeming as though both are so skilled and powerful...sadly I came to the conclusion of Dante because he is just so powerful and skillful, alil more so then spawn. Im not sure about the power though but Dante always figures out a way.If he can kill a god...then he should be able to beat spawn.

Cloud vs squall. This is a very hard decision. I want squall to win because I personally believe squall has more skill but cloud has far too much power, stamina and magic. Cloud fell into lifestream and still lived...squall would have died.

Sephiroth Vs Trance Kuja, this is also hard to decide. I would say sephiroth only because he had supernova. If he didnt then I would think...trance kuja would win, because of the power he has. Trance Kuja has far more magical power than sephiroth, think about it long and hard. Sephiroth would still be the victor though, because hes skillfull in everyway I can think.

Kamui vs Folken Fanel. Damn. I love the both of these and I cant decide who would win. Both have amazing power beyond almost any anime character. Sadly, Kamui would probably be the winner.Why I dunno but I just got the feeling. This is a hard decision.

Goku vs all the villans hes killed. Truthfully the villans should win, but seeming how dumb they are they would end up losing. Also, Goku always pulls shit out of his ass...and BS victories so I know he would become the victor.

Alucard vs Ruroni Kenshin. This is hard. Ruroni Kenshin is so damn skillful he can slice people down before they can possibly even move. Alucard is just a fucking beast so I dunno. Sadly I would have to say Ruroni Kenshin would win because in the end he would do something that would just obliverate Alucard. Think about Ruroni Kenshins last fight...

Dizzy vs Heavy Arms Gundam This is hard. Seeming as though Dizzy is like a portable nuke. She has magic out the ass and probably can destroy almost any type of metal. The problem is Dizzy doesnt have the mentality, she would do something stupid and lose. If she was evil she would win. Although, she isnt so I say the Heavy Arms Gundam would win..

Itachi vs Vincent This one was also hard. Itachi is dumb skillful, and can look at people and they will die. Sadly if he looked at Vincent Im pretty sure he wouldnt die. Vincent can turn into a beast, a number of strong beast, the problem is Itachi has more skill, the power of the beast wouldnt allow vincent to think correctly...therefore I believe Itachi would end up winning.

Yuna vs Aeris. Yuna would win. Only because she has all those damn summons. If she didnt have the summons the Aeris would win because Aeris has holy materia, which can make her invincable. Although, she doesnt and therefore Yuna would win.

Thats about it. My life has been the same, sucky. Nothing really great has been happening. Nothing incredibly horrible has been happening but im sure its around the bend somewhere.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the last Couple. Inuyasha vs Sol Badguy I hate inuyasha but I wont put that into account. Inuyasha has like no damn powers, hes horrible. I hate him damnit, and hes not skillfull. WHY DO YOU GIRLS LIKE HIM!!! HE SUCKS ALL ASS AND SHIT!!!....Sorry. Sol badguy would rip him to shreds....

Jubei vs Knightmare- Eh.......I dunno. This is wierd. Its gonna be a slaughter on one of the others side. Knightmare has full body armor and he also has a huge sword he can move...pretty fast. Jubei is dumb face and skillful. I think.....Its a tie. Whoever got one cornered or introuble...that would be the victor.

Spider man vs captainamerica. Im sorry, Captain America would whip his ass. Hes just too strong.....Those web techniques can only go so far...once he gets that shield knocked into his temple he will understand.....

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Thursday, May 5, 2005

Link vs Cervantes (SC2 )

Dante vs spawn

Cloud Vs Squall

Sephiroth vs Trance Kuja ( Think about the 3d scene with trance kuja.... )

Kamui Vs Folken Fanel ( Two of my favorites!!! )

Goku vs all the villians hes killed.

Spiderman vs Captain America

Alucard vs Ruroni Kenshin

Inuyasha Vs Sol badguy (LMAO!!! ) ( Im sorry, I just really dont like Inuyasha )

Jubei ( NinjaScroll ) vs Knightmare ( Soul Calibur 2 )

Dizzy ( GGX2 ) vs Heavy Arms Gundam

Itachi vs Vincent ( from FF7 )

Yuna Vs Aeris.

( Umm, comment your votes on who you would think would win out of all of these. Tell me the winner of each and everyone you think the outcome would....be. )

We have Video game club today. I plan to whip ass today...I seriously do, like I always end up doing.Well, one of my friends is in the hospital because he got into a fight. Man hes a dumbass...always fighting people. I hope he gets better though.

If I havent been to your sites Ill make it there..

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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

o.o; I have Dungoens and dragons today, shit...the bell rung. I guess I will update later....dont comment yet....And I will still do the tournement thing. Those of you that gave me your bio and stuff, Private message me with all the info. bE VERY DETAILED. THE MORE DETAILED THE EASIER IT WILL BE...
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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Well, short lived a good day. My day went terrible, but id rather not talk about it, I always talk about bad shit.

I wonder, how are all of you. It seems everyones been busy latley.

I just hope I go through today without anymore problems, im positive I wont though.

I want you to tell me, if you were an anime character, tell me your name, powers, bio,weapons, all that good stuff..and what ill do is Ill make a small tournament, and people will vote to see who will win and so forth. Ill post up all the stuff later but if everyone could do this for me..it would be fun. Like..I need to know

What can your character do and all that stuff. o.o; Your character can NOT be a God. Nor can that be invincable. Well, peace out.

Oh and one more thing I wanted to get off my chest.

If a person ever betrays you one time..as far as trust goes, and especially if it is a female, there going to do it again.....somewhere down the line.

( LOL. I would speak what I really feel but I..dunno..one day I will..

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Monday, May 2, 2005

Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...mysterious
Your hugs are...to die for
Your eyes...light up a day
Your touch is...the only thing I desire
Your smell is...beautiful
Your smile is...encouraging
Your love is...unique
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I'm actually in a good ass mood. Im finished that damn ten page paper. IT IS OF NO MORE!!! I have allitle but more time to myself now. If I havent went to your sites its because of this paper and also becasue I dont have access to a computer on the weekends. Im..in a good mood. I wonder if the rest of the day is gonna stay this way. I hope so, god I hope so.

Luminae, I might after all be going to HFStival.

Nothing has happend latley. This is the first weekends in months that I didnt do a damn thing at all. All I did was sleep all damn day, and eat. I wanted to go out but everyone has moved away from me. Eric, moved because his parents kicked him out. That must suck so bad, I would went crazy if someone would have pulled that stunt on me.

Brandon, give me your number again, I called you and you werent home. Chickened out eh!!?

I am gonna win this years Guilty gear tournement at Otakon......Oh yeah, I forgot, I gotta finish what I started.

Squall vs Cloud

Dante Vs Spawn......and once again, I dont finish because the bell rings. I will find a way to finish, anyways....peace. Oh and Luminae, call if you can....im always bored.

Sidney, if you got my private message.....then answer it.lol

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Friday, April 29, 2005

You tell me, who dyou think will win.

Dante ( Frm Devil May cry ) Vs Spawn

Squall Vs Cloud

( Damnit, I havent finished so dont post yet... )

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


1000 years later

We wont be here, only our essence
Our dust will scrounge on the floor like peasents..
The world will have had long enough to destroy itself.
The silence will begin....begin to speak.
Fallen buildings, Fallen dreams
Fallen Angels, Fallen Demons, Fallen wings..
Tears will have no meaning, yet suffering will still exist.
Crys of the soul can still be heard, as if they were here, speaking every little word..
It never ends, it only begins
From the eyes, to the mind, to the heart.

I will never give in....so why dont you....?

Youll Pay...
Beg for it, beg for mercy!Your mercy shall beg for me!
Im going to squash you like the repulsive maggot you are.
Your soul, is vermon.
When I think of you my stomach hurts. It is filled with anger,lust, and betrayal.
I hope you suffer....Oh god I hope you suffer so much..
I want you to bleed, I want your blood to bleed...
Your tears, to cry..
Your soul to break.
If vengence wont be mine, then peace will be mine. Take your pick...you have no choice...............anymore..

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