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Friday, September 1, 2006

   Multiple Slurosis (I think I spelled that right)

Hm, I have tons of ideas for a poem, but i don't feel like writing them so i won't even bother cause if i choose the wrong words i'd butcher it, lol.well, there's a possibility that i have multiple slurosis, but we're not for certaain. My mom has it and says that I have some things that sound like it, but like i said we're not for sure. but, hopefully everythings okies, but if i do have it, i may wind up taking a lot of days out of school, cause my mom says the medicine makes you sicker, but then u feel better, so yeah...my body just hurts like heck right now...well, i g2g, it's late and I'm getting my carpets shampooed (sp?) I might comment 2morrow though, but I'm doubting it, I hope u guys are all right, take care. L8ers

sasusaku is such an awesomeness couple, it's so sweet the way Sakura would do anything for him. He's a jerk though for doing things like leaving her and stuff, I still believe he'll regret it soon, hm, He just doesn't realize how good he's got it. This song just fits so much T-T I love this AMV, it fits, man, if it fits then leave it alone T-T that jerk I'm gonna go read some fanfiction to make me not hate sasuke (I don't think I could though, he's one of my favorite characters)

"You never know what you've got 'til it's gone" - idk, annonymous?

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