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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Alabama, Apartments, and Adjectives.
The trip to Alabama went okay. Nothing against Alabama, but the place we visited was like driving 6 hours to come back to where I live now (Auburn/Oplekia is where we went). 'Course we just went to visit my sister's friends. They did have a Cold Stone Creamery. I tried one is Hawaii and it was fabulous. My sister keeps laughing at me because I went to Hawaii and did/saw tons of stuff, but all I talk about is Cold Stone ice cream. It puts anything I've ever had to shame. You should try it if there is one near you (and you like ice cream).

Apartment hunting has been a nightmare. People actually charge $500+ rent for places that are the size of a box and so filthy that they are unlivable. Dirty can be cleaned but these were very far beyond that.

After a long, tedious day of looking at unlivable apartments, we were pretty frustrated. We found an apartment guide and in it found a spacious townhouse with any amenity you could think of for under our budget. We were so excited! I called the property manager and talked to him and we were pretty well going to sign the lease the next morning. We show up and we are told that we can't have it because we make too much money! There is apparently a thing called income restricted housing where you can only make so much money! It wouldn't have been so frustrating except I was wondering where the fuck it was when we were living in the projects, on the streets etc. I mean, we just can't win. We don't make money, we get screwed. We finally make money and still....geez. My only solace is that hopefully it is giving great housing to people in bad situations and all. I thought my sister was going to bawl afterwards though...It was still frustrating.

So to make a long (and did I say FRUSTRATING) story relatively short, we did find a pretty nice apartment for a decent price (good thing cause it was the last one before we were gonna pack up and move to Texas like NOW). We pretty well had to give up the few requirements that we were asking for, (we REALLY wanted a down stairs place) but what we got is pretty spacious, it has lots of amenities, and it is under our budget, yay.

Now we just have to pack, move, turn on all our phones, cable, etc, set up a bank account in town, get a PO box, buy furniture and decor, and get our house in BFE cleaned up real good for our mom who is staying here for one more year (until she can retire). I'm tired just reading that but oh well. Let's hope it goes better than the apartment hunting did...



P.S. I have been corresponding with MSKeller and she is doing okay. Not digging the military life, but that is no surprise because your first year is usually the worst. I can relay any message if you all want.

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