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Thursday, January 24, 2008

  First off, I am sorry to see that 2008 has turned in to a real $h*tfest for most everyone on my friends list. It's kind of a downer. You hope so hard for things to be different, better and not even a month has passed and it seems like the same old crap.

Then there is the Heath Ledger thing. People always think suicide is a selfish act and it really isn't. Suicide is an act of unfathomable despair so deep that you can't see all the people you will hurt. I know they didn't rule it a suicide, but it is text book. Even if it was an OD, what are drugs but a slow, self-destructive suicide?

Don't get me wrong, this isn't self pity. My year is going fine, especially compared to most. Just remarking on how awful a time many people are having already.

As for me not much new. My sister and I are apparently fighting and I have no idea why. She just quit speaking to me suddenly yesterday and is pretty well acting pissed off. Hate it when she gets like this, but I am grateful that these times are few and far between for us.

My MP3 player died so I got a new Zune since Kat talked hers up so much. Sorry, K didn't name it.

Finances are starting to suck. Didn't think I'd be out of work for this long and now with the Hawaii trip, I won't be available to work again until almost March and that is if they even have a job for me. Seeing as ACen and AN were rewards for meeting certain financial goals that it appears I am going to fall short of, they may not be happening. Just have to see how things go. I am sure I can swing it but by the time I have the money, the rooms, flights etc probably won't be available. Just gonna have to wait and see if things pan out...

Maybe the year of the Rat will be better?



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