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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mood: Super Sayan Hyper!
Hawaii is ON!!! I'll be gone February 1st-February 16. I am so excited and my sister keeps making fun of me because I am so hyper. Guess she isn't used to seeing me so happy. This year is so full of hope that I can hardly contain myself. Usually my years are full of...... well other stuff, hehe.

I'm sure I'll have internet access and may even be able to post. My friend is very energetic and always in to something so I may not have the time, but I will certainly try to stop by while I am there. I have a new digital camera so maybe I can end my photo taking curse and upload some here as well. February just isn't gonna get here fast enough.

I kinda dread the trip though. Gonna have to leave at 2am and drive 4 hours to Nashville. I won't reach Hawaii until about 9:30pm, yuck. The good news is I have a layover in Seattle. Been to tons of airports, but it will be a first for Seattle. I can scope it out for my trip to Vancouver because I plan on coming through Seattle to get there.

I also got a call for a job. It is only one day every other week but I may take it just to have some type of income until more cases come along. It is really out of the way so I am going to wait until the paperwork comes in before I decide for sure if I am going to take it.

I'm also totally addicted to Imeem. Intended on using it to explore Asian music but have ended up rekindling my passion for the music I grew up with in the 90's. Forgot how much of a role music has had in my life. Man I listened to some cynical/emo stuff!!! Feel free to stop by if you are on Imeem.

Better stop now. According to my sister I am extra rambley (No, it's not a word. Shut up).



PS. Anyone want anything from Hawaii? Now taking requests ^^.

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