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Saturday, January 5, 2008

   I know it's only January but...
I've been researching Chicago and Toronto. Gonna try and do the tourism thing on top of the con thing, especially since there is a week to kill between each city's con. (Niagara Falls, anyone?).

Also I was wrong about the hotel rooms being sold out. Rooms are still available on Yahoo travel and Hyatt.com but it is 200 bucks cheaper on Hyatt. Still close to one grand for the weekend! I'd like a nice place for us to chill though if the con ebbs like it did last year.

I'm even working on some new duds for all my travels. I put in an order and the the clothes I got were so comfy and nice that I put in another $300 order! It is so rare I find something I like so I am not letting it pass me by.

Still no job. Not going to get worried for a few more weeks though. I'd really like to be earning so I can buy tickets and reserve rooms and what-not, but I'm not hurting...yet.

Finally in the way of new toys: I set a full fledged account on Imeem. Look me up if you are in the area. Got Firefox. Tired of jacked up web pages, not being able to read ya'lls post, etc. Internet displaying much better since then, coolness. Been playing Okami too. Fun stuff! Heard it came out for the Wii. Think me will have to look in to that purchase.

Anyway, that's it. Crossing my fingers for a job phone call next week. See you all soon.



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