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Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Post of 2007
Happy New Year's Eve! I thought that I would just give you all fair warning that I am probably going to be around a lot more in the coming months. That's right, back to novel sized, rambling comments left at 3am, woohoo. I know you all miss that, tehehe. The chat box should be cropping up soon as time comes to prepare for con season again.

I have such a *good* feeling about the year. I really plan on making it to Hawaii, Chicago, Toronto, AND Vancouver. Kind of my reward system for reaching financial goals and all. On top of getting to travel and meet up with several of you all, I get to see my one of my best friends whom I haven't seen for three years now, I am on schedule to be completely out of debt, and we can finally start work on getting our house fixed up. Going back to college my also be in the plans in the Fall, we'll see.

So resolutions? This is the first year I can't think of any! What are some of ya'lls?

Plans for January? Find a new job since my patient's case got dropped and work like a dog to until February at which time I will be going to see my best friend in Hawaii! Plan on putting in some applications this week. Let's hope I can get back to work fast so I can start registering for cons and booking hotel rooms while they are cheap.

Anywhoo, I hope you all have a wonderful year in 2008!



PS. Could ya'll help me watch for when ACen opens up registration for their reseverved hotel rooms? I tried to book a room and they are ALREADY sold out so if I don't get one from the ACen site, I'm screwed out of staying at the Hyatt like I want too. I'll try to keep an eye out but most of you seem more up on that stuff *cough* Katana *cough*.

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